An island for you only

A journey to discover the legendary Polvese

The origins of the Polvese Islande

 History always donates us emotions. In 2017 B.C., in Lake Trasimeno, there was a battle between the Roman army and the Carthagian one, of Hannibal.
The Polvese Island, after the Roman period, was cited in documents starting from the year 817 A.D. The Olivetani monks arrived here in 1492 and dedicated themselves to the cultivation of olives and to the production of oil.


The verdant landscape of environmental value is the cradle of beautiful cultural heritage, such as: the Church of San Giuliano (XI century), the Monastery of San Secondo (X-XIV centuries) and the Medieval Castle (XIV century). In the XII century, the community of the island became so important that there were built up to six churches.


The traditional heritage of Olivetani monks lives to this day through the almost artistic cure of the olive-trees, from which our oil “Dolce Lago” is produced, in our Olive Press with the traditional grinding stones still working:


The island is a place which can free your creative energy, and along our beaches, where time is frozen, you will be hosted wherever you want to dream every possible future.


The long pathways which you can explore, on foot, by bicycle or with our electric vehicles, will make you rediscover the most intimate and peculiar places. If you want, you will be able to explore the island in its entirety through the beaches.


In the period of ownership of the Count Giannino Citterio (from 1959), the architect Pietro Porcinai, known for “his” 807 parks around the world, carried out environmental works and the “garden of aquatic plants”.