The ancient olive oil press

The place where oil is still produced by the historical millstones.

A history which comes back

The Olivetani monks, on the island from 1482 to 1624, dedicated themselves to planting of olive-trees and to the production of oil. To this day, 6.000 olive-trees are chiseled like art works in the landscape of the Polvese Island, on an extension of 75 hectares. “Legend” has it that in the silence of November nights, for the olive harvesting, one can hear the creaking of the millstone that turns around as the monastery comes back to life.

The olive-oil press

Here with us you can still observe each moment of the olive harvesting and oil production, as if they were a sacred rite. Modernity harmonizes with those hands that still caress plants and, utilizing both the ancient millstones and the modern equipment, give life to the colors of the oil.

The olive grove

Exploring the island, you will walk in avenues along which vast stretches of olive-trees with their wide branches will surround you as a crown. A unique landscape, with those numerous olive-trees that to this day are inheritance of the monks who wanted to leave us with these signs of beauty, authentic flavors and values.

Our oils

With the ancient tradition of Olivetani monks to this day olive-trees are cultivated and our oil “dolce lago” is produced. Its smell, enveloping and of a delicate taste, blends in without ever covering up the flavors of the Lake’s tradition.